Myrrh-Bearing Women

Myrrh-Bearing Women
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The Holy Myrrh-bearing women followed the Lord while He preached and served Him and His disciples from their own possessions. For His sake, they aided the poor, the sick and the suffering. During His sufferings and death on the Cross, even when all the apostles had run away in fear, the Myrrh-bearers did not abandon their Savior. They stood at Golgotha (the place of the Crucifixion) and with their presence helped ease the unbearable pain and suffering of the All-Pure Mother of God. The Myrrh-bearers did not abandon the Lord even after His death and burial. Very early in the morning they came with myrrh (expensive oil) according to the Jewish tradition, to anoint the Lord's precious Body and render Him their final respects. There, the Lord rewarded the women for all their undying love and devoted care. The Myrrhbearers worthily became the first witnesses to the Resurrection of Christ, having found the empty tomb and having heard the joyful news from the angel. The Holy and Equal-to-the-Apostles Myrrhbearer Mary Magdalene was the first to meet and worship the risen Savior and to go and tell of this to His Apostles.
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